3 Tips - Shopping For Healthy Food

OK so now you’ve got your meals planned, you know what you’re going to have for the next month because you cycled the foods for the meals. The ingredients of each food the protein carbohydrate that you want to eat you got this figured out.
The next thing to do is to get to the store so that you can pick up what you need.

Here’s a couple of tips to healthy food shopping

Tip #1 Shop the perimeter of the store

So now you’re in the store, first head straight to the produce department usually on the right or left side (at least in my town they are) when you get there, pick out the veggies will you need that you’ve written down.  You’ll also find your potatoes there so get whatever carbohydrate you’ve planned. 

Next to the meat department into the back of the store to get some long were you going to get your fish, turkey, chicken, beef and pork. Get ground meat or whole pieces of meat for whatever recipe you decided to use. 

Tip #2 Don’t go shopping when you’re hungry

When your hungry or hangry or whatever, you’re far more likely to stray from the perimeter of the store and head to the snack aisle to grab some instant gratification for your belly. It’ll probably not be something that will be helping you reach your goals. Go shopping after a meal. You’ll be less likely to sabotage your goals.

Tip #3 Work on your mindset

Eat with purpose. Here’s a mantra you can use when the Cheeto’s are calling when you’re shopping. “I don’t want to lose the gains I’ve made from training!” You’ve worked very hard at your strength and conditioning sessions and your body is working to adapt to the stress demands you’re imposing on it. Give your body the chance to adapt optimally and as rapidly as possible. When you give it the right fuel at the right amounts, your body responds waaaay better than if you put the wrong fuel into it. 

Just a few more tips to help you achieve your fitness goals!