Simple Healthy Lunch Plan

A while ago someone told me that they just couldn't eat nutrient dense whole foods for lunch at  their job. There just wasn't any place to get quality food, there wasn't opportunity.  

I totally get it, with many of our jobs, there doesn't seem to be time, place or opportunity to stick to a good eating plan.

So here’s something that works pretty well to give you the time and opportunity to make sure you can have quality lunches.  

It only takes a little bit to make a weeks worth of lunches.

You’ll need about 1½ pounds of a protein, chicken, beef, fish etc. My favorite, because it's a big time saver, is stir fry chicken. It's already cut and cooks up in minutes.  You’ll also need a couple of heads of broccoli a head of cauliflower and about 10oz (1 bag) of shredded carrots.

First cut up your broccoli

 Then your cauliflower

Then add in your carrots

Mix it all up

 Then use 5 or 6 containers to evenly divide up the veggies.

Evenly divide the protein into the containers and voila, you've got 5 or 6 nutrient dense whole food lunches that you can take anywhere and eat anywhere (well, maybe not while you're driving).  

You can mix and match different veggies and proteins to make your own perfect combo.