Check out Charlie's Story

I got to meet Charlie a few years ago and it’s been an awesome ride ever since! Charlie is in what I believe to be an ‘elite’ group of men.  He’s older than me, I won’t say his age, but he walks all over Keene (several miles a week) cranks out chin ups, and deadlifts over double his bodyweight. There aren’t many guys doing what he does, and have a lot of fun doing it. Keep it up Charlie!!  

Here’s a little of Charlie’s story in his words.

I was looking for a new place to work out; the Y was too crowded and unsupervised. I met Dan & Kate at Art in the Park through my lovely wife Jamie.  Dan was handing out 30 days membership cards, so I tried it.  Little did I know that this was a similar ploy that CRACK dealers use, needless to say I was soon hooked.

I never did many of the exercises that we do at TFW; the 'muscle mixup' has been great - I have been active for many years but I have noticed great results in my core strength and my ability to lift more weight than I have ever thought possible.

The things that have helped most are: The attention by Dan to observe and correct my form to keep me on track.  The challenges have helped - I have noticed steady progress in the results of these challenges.  The encouragement of the other members; I have met many great people and they are wonderful to work out with.  There is a great atmosphere of support and most members seem to appreciate my very, very, very  bad sense of humor and my even worse puns -at least they pretend to 

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