Check out what Emma's done!

Emma has only been a part of the TFW Keene Family for a short time, and in that time she's done some pretty cool stuff!!  Check it out below. 

Before I came to TFW Keene, I struggled with just generally being healthy both physically and mentally. Poor body image, emotional eating, balanced meals, and consistently working out were my main problems. However, I like to think that once I joined TFW Keene, those issues significantly diminished.

I became acquainted with the gym through my mom, who has been going for about a year now. She would come home and tell me all about the workout they *crushed* as well as describe the community she was joining. I would get to hear all about people dancing and the different jokes people would share. Fast forward to the day I accept an invitation to go to one of the Saturday classes. I think one of the most significant parts is that I almost didn’t go; I almost decided to ignore my alarm and sleep in a little longer. Luckily, I didn’t. One of my hesitations stemmed from my anxiety about not knowing what to do when I got there. What if I didn’t know how to do a certain exercise? What if I was weaker than everyone else? Yet, one assurance my mom gave me is that Dan will look out for you. He’ll show you how to do the different moves and make sure your form is correct. Oh, ok then.

I never would have guessed that just a few weeks later I would have learned how to back squat. Who could have predicted that my upper body would be stronger. Pause. Yes, this girl with skinny little arms might actually be able to do a push up. Shocking, I know. I never could have imagined my body being this strong and I’ve only been training for just over a month and a half. Let alone the mental strength I’ve gained. I feel so much more prepared to tackle the everyday struggles of life after completing a workout. The best part is, I’ve only just begun. This community has inspired me and showed me the benefits of consistently working out and I wholeheartedly plan on continuing this habit.

Throughout my time here, three phrases have been bouncing around my brain: “Each set is a masterpiece”, “It never gets easier, you just get stronger”, and “This is an investment in your life”. With the first one, not only can this relate to having good form while training but also to life in general with each day being a masterpiece. Each day we have to choice to love more, be kinder, work harder. Each day we are the ones who determine what kind of day we’re going to have. Granted, some days your 110% will fluctuate to mean different things. One day you might be able to go in and absolutely crush a workout but at other times just showing up is reason to celebrate. This mantra has seeped its way into my life and helped me realize the necessity to live each day to your fullest. The second one,  “It never gets easier, you just get stronger”, is actually a combination of something Dan told me and something from my own mind. Basically, this relates to what I said earlier about gaining mental strength. Lastly, the third phrase, “This is an investment in your life” connects to what I previously stated about gaining physical and mental stamina. Yes, going to this gym is a daunting idea. However, I’m living proof that it’s worth it.

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