Leigh Corrette is awesome!

Leigh came into the gym in 2012 and it's been an amazing ride since!  Let her tell you in her words!

I am SO grateful to Dan Tirabassi & TFW. I have said to Dan a number of times, “The gym saved my life.”

It’s true.

I was a severe alcoholic for many years. I self-medicated in order to deal with my intense
anxiety and major depression—needless to say an unhealthy & destructive path.

A number of things started to come together when Dan affiliated with TFW. I started to really
take to heart, ‘progress not perfection.’ Through the gym I was supported by caring and loving
people who only wanted me to be the best person that I could be. That didn’t mean I was the
fastest or strongest, but that I just put forth my best effort possible-- even in the face of fear &

I got sober, became a vegan, started training daily, & got active with a 12 step program. None
of these things happened right away—progress not perfection! Ultimately, I lost around 75 lbs.
& I started to become stronger mentally, physically, & spiritually.

Today I know that I can take the things I learn in the gym & apply them to my daily life. I love
La Familia at the TFW Keene Dojo. High fives, words of encouragement & excellent training &
workouts all with amazing people who are truly friends—what a blessing!! Again thank you
Dan & TFW for showing me the way…

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